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                            Part 15 radio WVIB-DB 105.9 FM, The Vibe FM


                               WVIC-DB Vibe Country 850 AM, 106.9 FM!

Welcome to WVIB-DB 105.9 FM, 67khz SCA of 104.3 Utica NY The Vibe! & WVIC-DB Vibe Country 850 AM Stereo!
The FCC allows for non-licensed broadcasting so as long as FM's do not exceed 250uV per meter at 3 meters from the antenna and AM's are limited to 100 milliwatts with an antenna and ground lead to not exceed a total length of 3 meters. Carrier Current operations are limited to 15uV per meter at 200 feet from the line being used as the carrier current system.

Stations of this nature can be commerical or non-commerical in nature. The coverage map indicates the maximum distance that these signal will be heard. The FM signal will be within the red circle. Even though the signal strength is limited to 250uV at 3 meters from the antenna, the elevation at this location will allow the signal to travel unusally farther than normal low elevated setups.

The AM signal could possibly extend out as far as the purple circle during the day and within the red and blue circles at night.


 Our station callsigns are a result from the Internet Radio Uniform Callsign,
The Standardised Streaming Radio Station Catalog System http://iruc.org


Our internet streams, High audio quality AAC+ 80kbps and lower quality 32kbps MP3 streams allow us to reach a world audience. If you are a song writer/producer/singer looking for air play,


contact us via our contact page with a link to your demo for possible consideration for airplay. Your request must also be accompanied by written permission to give us rights to air your work.

Check back here for updates!




Listen to 105.9 FM, 67khz SCA of 104.3 Utica NY, The Vibe FM!

Coming soon, a third station, a "JACK-FM" type station. Check back here soon!

Listen to us online at one of our two streams:


WVIB-DB The Vibe FM AAC+ stream at 192kbps AAC+ stream
WVIB-DB The Vibe FM MP3 stream at 128kpbs MP3 stream
WVIC-DB Vibe Country AAC+ stream at 192kbps AAC+ stream
WVIC-DB Vibe Country MP3 stream at 128kbps MP3 stream
The links should open your favorite media player such as Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player etc etc.



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