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Here is a line-up of our programming, local, regional and nationally syndicated shows......




Memory Lane


A 3 hour show, airing every Saturday at 3pm Eastern starting Feburary 4th!

The show features "Old Time Rock and Roll" music....charted hits from the  60's and 70's, one hit wonders and covers. Before cell phones, CD-ROM's, microwave ovens and SUV's, wasn't life much simpler? If you remember The Motown sound, Drive-in Movies and cruising your Main Street, then sit  back, listen, enjoy and reminisce with the tunes that will never die.
Be sure to join Big Bob every Saturday afternoon at 3 eastern!



Revenge of the 80's Radio


Hosted by Chris Cordan, the show orginating from New Yorks central        

Hudson Valley, presents classic music from the 1980's to its fans who are greatly underserved by the genericness of today's mainstream radio.


Air day and time to be announced.....



All The Hits with Ian Dennis


All The Hits In One Place - All The Hits with Ian Dennis
I'm D.I. the host of the All The Hits with Ian Dennis. We've got the
biggest  artists each week as we count down to number 1! Want to give a shoutout on the countdown? Use the hashtag #AT20 on Twitter or call 1-501-709-1119. Call, text, and data rates may apply. Give us a call and we might even put you on the countdown!.


Saturdays at noon, Sundays at 6pm...on The Vibe FM!





The Positive Spin with Dave Macfarlane



The Positive Spin with Dave Macfarlane is a weekly two hour radio show playing the very best in Christian Music. Begining Feburary 5th at noon eastern.
Catch The Positive Spin on The Vibe FM!


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